Metal Forming/Stamping

We have serval presses to handle your forming needs. Some of our capabilities are highlighted below.

  • We have two Murata Motorum M2558TS punch presses which have a punching capacity of 27.6 tons. These machines can handle sheet sizes ranging between approx. 60in. by 90in. and a thickness of ¼ in. This machine can be used for profiling and forms up to 20mm. For example louvered doors, blanks for drawing operations, blanks for forming and welding operations, hinges and motor battery covers.
  • The 350 Ton Accupress Edge Brake is capable of processing parts up to 20 feet long and has a breaking capacity of 350 tons.
  • The Cincinnati press is used for high volume processing of formed parts using dedicated tooling. This press has up to 400 tons of breaking capacity and can handle maximum part dimensions of 12ft. wide and a 30in. opening.

Extrusion, Tube & Rod Processing

We are equipped with two Elumatec CNC machines which are designed for economical and efficient machining of aluminum and thin- walled steel profiles.

All operations, such as routing, drilling, tapping, thread milling, notching and sawing, are preformed while the profile bar is stationary to protect the profile surfaces. The maximum machine part length is 49 feet.

Laser Cutting

We are equipped with three dedicated laser cutters.

  • The Trumpf TruLaser 3030 can cut mild steel with a maximum thickness of 1in. and weight of 1,984 pounds. This machine can work with a maximum sheet size of 120in. by 60in. and has a height clearance of 4.5in. which allows for processing of fixtured components.
  • The Trumpf TruMatic 6000 punch laser has a punching capacity of 25 tons. This machine can handle parts ranging from 68in. by 121in. and a thickness of approximately 1/3in. This machine can make louvered doors, blanks for drawing operations, blanks for forming and welding operations, hinges and motor battery covers. The Trumpf TruMatic has the added capability of a laser head for complex contours.
  • The Trumpf 3200 Watt Laser has a bed size of 60 in. by 120 in. This machine can cut through mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.


We have a CWB certified welding facility that can perform mig and tig welds on stainless, aluminum and mild steel.

Our automatic welding robot does welds on two different work tables, moving automatically to each part. The robot has a reach of 54in. and can work with steel and aluminum parts. This machine is ideal for high volume production welded assemblies.

Our Jetline Longitudinal Seam Welder is designed for straight line welding of all weldable metals ranging in thickness from 0.02in. to 3/8in. The machine can weld a length of 36in. and handle a minimum diameter of 3.5in. and a maximum diameter of 32in.


We have a fully staffed tool and die shop with red seal certified millwrights, as well as a dedicated team of machine designers, professional engineers and machinists.

Machines in the shop include:

  • Two 3 axis mills with a working envelop of 17in. deep by 40in. wide by 20in. high. The side of the enclosure can be opened for processing of longer parts.
  • One CNC lathe that has max part dimensions of 8in. in diameter and 24in. in length. This machine is used for machining of cylindrical parts.
  • An electrical discharge machine can handle max part sizes of 13.75in. wide by 9.75in. deep and 9.75in. high. This machine is ideal for prototyping of 2D dimensional contours.
  • A surface grinder, this machine is used to maintain our punch tools keeping machine downtime to a minimum.
  • An electric heat treating oven, which is used to harden steel for the development of custom tooling.