We are equipped to do material and/or product testing specific to OEM requirements. Whether it’s materials testing, product performance testing, or a customized test protocol to validate performance and durability, we have the technical bench strength to design a testing program to suit the needs of each OEM partner.

Product Performance and Durability

We routinely design custom testing protocols to validate performance and durability. For example, at AROW Global Corp., a routine water testing process exposes windows to aggressive water spray to emulate conditions similar to what a window would be exposed to during a vehicle OEM water test.

Since vehicle end-users may specify unique or customized water testing by the vehicle OEM, we strive to ensure that the water testing employed reflects the most challenging conditions the windows could be subject to while in service.

Custom cycle testing and vibration testing (either in house or with partner laboratories) are also commonplace throughout our design validation.


Custom development of control solutions allows for increased flexibility, giving OEM customers exactly what they need for optimal performance for their specific requirements.

Our team of technicians will custom design a controls test environment to ensure electronics and controls products perform in accordance with design expectations.

Quality Assurance Testing

We use a variety of equipment to test our materials and designs to ensure the highest quality and any certification requirements are met. Some of the tools and equipment used include:

  • Color spectrophotometer: used for color matching and verification.
  • Faro Arm: for dimensional analysis and quality control in applications such as first article inspection, part verification and reverse engineering.
  • Micro-Tri gloss meter: an instrument used to measure specular reflection gloss of a surface.
  • Digital coating thickness gauge: measures the coating thickness on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.